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Digital Marketing during Times of Covid-19


It is June 2020, and the current economic situation in many countries around the globe is dull. You know the reason. The Covid-19 virus has caused mayhem around the world. It has brought many countries down to their very knees. In December 2019, words of a virus causing sickness to people in large numbers began to emerge in China. Came March 2020, the Corona virus had taken more than 100,000 lives around the world. Till the last month of 2019, the entire human race rejoiced as one family. But social distancing became the order of the day to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in many countries. Before the pandemic struck, there were two types of businesses. One relied only on popularity and had loyal customers by word-of-mouth referrals. The second type used online marketing as well as traditional marketing methods. It was the first type of businesses that got the worst hit in the recent situation. Is your business related to one among these specific industries? Then, no doubt, you are in a grim situation. Digital Marketing is the only way to keep in touch with your loyal customers and also gain new leads. So, in this article, let us discuss the tips on doing digital marketing during times of Covid-19.

A. Empathy

You can start opening your business profiles in various social media platforms. The posts can keep the customers engaged about your products or services. With time, you will have to do content marketing, social marketing and Google Ad campaigns. Please note, very soon, buying online will become more of a habit for the general public. So, it will be suicide if you do not tap into the online market for your business.

Please understand, empathy is different from sympathy. Businesses in countries such as Indiahave opened after a gap of one month and fifteen days (lockdown 3.0). If you still remain quiet as an entrepreneur, then you stand to lose your regular customers. Please remember, the posts need to contain relevant information about your business. It should also have a simple statement such as Stay Home, Stay Safe. Yes, it is quite a challenge to strike a chord with the customer during these times. But take time, and you can definitely get the right words for the social media post. The customers should know your company is active and they can buy your products online.

B. Focus on Creating Content Related to your Industry

If your website does not have a blog category, then create one. So, you can start writing and posting content that can arouse the needs of the customers. It is your responsibility to select posts that give valuable info about their needs. Then, you can expect traffic to your blog. Or else, the content will stay as a dud

C. Important Points in Post

The words should convey the requirements of the audience. You should refrain from posting sensible content on social media platforms. The reason, the account is a representation of the company. A little mistake and your entire company staff may have to face a backlash from all quarters.

How do you create the posts that have worked well with the audience? Do you have a content management system in your office? You can always login, look at the statistics and search for the old posts that have gone well with the audience. Then, you can take the same content, tweak a bit and add fresh content as per the recent trend. It is time for reposting the content.
If you are starting out, kindly check the best posts in Google relevant to your business. Make your own posts via the Power Point Presentations. Then you can post on your favorite social media platforms.

The buyer behaviour has completely changed in the last few months. Many customers are paying their bills and purchasing the goods via online methods. So, there is a huge market if you can advertise your business via the website. Yet, you need to spend a bit on Google Ads, PPC and other marketing strategies. Do not fall over the bucket, but try to spend the cash in a wise manner during the campaigns.

Second Part

D. Geography Diversification

A keyword which comes top in Google Search in India may come in the second page in another part of the country. You can take the help of SEO tools to pull enough traffic to your website. Do you have branches in various countries? Then, consider using SEO tactics to concentrate on certain keywords that can prove as game changers.

E. E-commerce Experience

In many countries, the lockdown restrains citizens from venturing out of their homes. Many citizens are booking on FMCG websites to enable door delivery. If you belong to a retail company, then make the tides turn in your favour. It is time to optimize the website with the best payment features for the customers. Your website should add value to the customer’s time. They should not face troubles in navigation. Then, they may buy more than intended.

F. Education Training

Covid-19 has also made millions of people lose jobs. Popular gyms, dance class tutorials are on the brink of extinction. Even in fields such as software, many people have lost their cushion jobs. So, many people are looking for opportunities to update themselves with new certifications. Let us admit, if you are a 40-plus professional, it will be difficult to attend a class session. But a virtual online training session and you will join the program.
People look for training websites such as Udemy for help. Is your business associated with knowledge training? Then, it is the time to offer excellent online sessions by the Zoom app or other methods.

G. Conversions

The old sales funnel has dried up, as social distancing is the order of the day. It is the first week of June 2020. Many Indian flights have resumed their operations amidst strict restrictions. Temples have re-opened but with a new set of regulations. So, conversions will pick up, but the volume will be low. You can make use of videos, photos, or AR tools.

How to get Conversions

Do you have an online store for selling daily essential items? Then, offer various payment plans to attract customers. They can buy the entire monthly kitchen items and then pay the amount, little by little, every week.

Are you a website designing company? Then, you can offer a price that is affordable to the customers.

If you are an online training company, you can offer a monthly plan for enrolling in popular courses. As a benefit, you can also offer two free introductory sessions.
By following the above-mentioned methods, you can start noticing a hike in conversions. Yet, it is necessary to create posts on every social media platforms. Reason – the general public can get to know about your products & services. You need to know the pulse of your competitors and consumers before introducing a new scheme.


Please note, the consumers are using the search engines for all purposes. So, ensure your website contains answers to common questions asked by consumers. You can also add FAQ schema to the web pages for appearing high in the Google and other search engine results.


It is June 2020, and the number of Covid positive cases is rising in numbers. Not even the News Agencies can predict tomorrow’s future. Do you want to ensure your business sustains in the industry? Then, you need to look at various online options to reach most number of customers.

There are many industries, where an agent may have to meet a customer face-to-face to generate revenue for the company. At present, the public are not interested in meeting with strangers for the fear of infection. But it is true, the entire world is returning back to normalcy with a different scenario. Gone are the days of partying in thousands, dancing to the music in pubs by the hundreds. The change had to happen and it has happened. This trend is at least likely to continue for the next nine months. So, you should learn to adapt to the new trend and not let your business go down in the market. Now, is the time to upgrade your skills as per the recent requirements and go on the digital path. Hope, this article on Digital marketing during times of Covid-19 has helped give tips to make you go digital. Do you want to receive more updates about digital marketing or have we left some valuable point? Do us a favour by putting your valuable comments in the Reviews Section. Our next set of articles will focus on technological improvements in digital marketing.

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