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A Brief Introduction of Premier E-Commerce Website Types: Valuable Info to Start your Business

Did you always dream of becoming an entrepreneur? Yes, the time (at present) is not ripe because of Corona epidemic and many have lost their jobs. Few, who wanted to start their own business, have postponed the venture, and are now focused on only retaining their daily jobs. But are you among the hundreds in millions, who is interested in becoming the owner of a new E-Commerce business store at any cost? You have a brilliant idea, have pitched to your family members/seniors in a specific industry, and they have given the go-ahead. If the previous two sentences strike a chord in your mind, then the content in this article will give valuable information. You have landed on WebDigi’s blog page. Now, kindly go through the content that informs about the types of E-Commerce websites. You can select the type that suits your business ideas.


Which Indian company do you remember when having thoughts on E-Commerce? Is it FlipKart? You are right! But now, Amazon and Walmart have entered the fray, and the businesses are growing fast every year in the tune of billions of dollars. Unlike the brick-and-mortar businesses, online sales have grown multiple-fold because of the Corona epidemic. So, it is the right time to open an E-Commerce store.

In the present situation, online shopping has become inevitable. There was the time, when Indians logged onto Flipkart or other E-Commerce websites only during festival seasons to avail of mega discounts. But now, with social distancing becoming popular due to Covid-19, many have switched over to shopping/ordering for products and services(online). Now, let us focus on the E-commerce business types. We hope the infographic sounds a bell in the brain regarding the connection between your idea and types of E-Commerce websites.


We have included only the primary E-Commerce types. There are many more types in the business segment such as B2G, C2G, G2B, B2A, G2C). We will focus on these types of models in the next round of articles.

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