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Top Eight Features you need to have in your Business Website

Before making a head-start, we, the WebDigi team requests the reader that we will only focus on the topic – right on target. We will not focus on the history of businesses, the past, brick-and-mortar stores and the likes of the remaining content. We will focus on only the top eight features you need to have in your business website design.

Your website is a representative of the business as it acts as an excellent marketing platform 24/7. So, what are the best features, your digital presence should have, to promote the products/services and achieve profits? Without wasting another second, let us look into the list –

1. Website Navigation should be User-Friendly

Your business website may have attracted the visitors by the million, but as a business- owner, you should also enable a user-friendly navigation feature. Yes, you may have included many attention-grabbing graphics in the pages, the best content on the world and more. But will they be of use, if the visitor is not able to locate them in order? So, your website should have a simple and organized layout. The best way to ensure friendly navigation is placing the search and navigation tabs on the right-hand section of every web page. Please note, links to every main page should be provided on the navigation buttons.

2. Web Design and Layout

A visitor will spend a maximum of two to five seconds on a website. If the graphic design or infrastructure does not appeal, then the visitor will go to another website. In addition, there are lots of factors that come with web design. You should ensure the design is in tune with your business, brand or the reason you have the website on the internet. Yes, you can experiment with various types of designs which can provide a good experience in the form of hidden menus, animation, typography and more. If you are on the search for reputed website developers in Bangalore, please note, our company, WebDigi provides high quality services for the same in Karnataka and around the globe.

3. Responsive Design

E-commerce business is growing at a fast pace and the number of mobile users has also increased in the globe. Also, there are other devices (tablets, personal computers, laptops) and a visitor can access your website. With the rise of increasing technology, many people may like to view the websites on television. So, it has become mandatory that every website should have a responsive design and should adapt to every device. Webdigi’s web designers in Bangalore have the required skillsets to design the best responsive layout for your business ideas.

4. Content Writing

The alphabets, words and sentences should convey the message about your website, the company and the brand. You need to include proper keywords, business jargons, and terminologies which cater to your industry. The right words can make the visitor remain on a specific page relevant to their search or they can just leave your website for another digital presence. The content should get written only after a proper market research, competitor websites, and relevant keywords for your industry and more. Good content always remains as the first priority for customers and to get high rankings on search engines.

Practising the best principles of SEO will affect how the search engine bots search your website for the relevant keywords to award you a good Domain Authority and Page Authority.

5. Call to Action

There was a time when Call-to-Action words were used by only advertising agencies. Those were the times, when only radio programmes and television serials were having a heyday in engaging the customers. Now, with online websites becoming a favourite option for shopping, purchasing products or booking services, call-to-action phrases have become the order of the day. But with millions of websites vying with each other to grab a share of visitor’s attention, you need to have catchy phrases in proper order. Then, the visitors will get triggered to do the activities you want them to enact in your website. There are some websites, which keep call-to-action phrases for online purchases, mega offers, discounts, subscription, newsletter or promotional emails etc.

The words should trigger the call-of-action in the visitor to subscribe to your emails. The request form should collect relevant contact information even if they do not make any sort of purchases on your E-commerce website.

6. Testimonials

The testimonials are rarely needed for personal websites. But if it is one, related to selling products or offering services, then customer reviews are not needed. Three decades ago, you can hardly find many websites having testimonials and customer reviews. But with E- commerce becoming a rage, and many websites selling products and services online, customer reviews have become mandatory. Yes, it is true, that there are fake customer reviews, and so the readers have also become smart. They believe only the reviews from acclaimed websites such as Trip advisor when it comes to travel. And yes, there should be a name, individual image and proper appreciation words on your website products and services. Then, the customer reviews will appear authentic.

7. FAQs Section

Do you have an E-commerce website? Then, visitors may have lots of queries. So, you need to have a page to answer the most common questions that visitors to your website may ask to get them clarified.

8. Page Speed

You can have the best website design with good graphics, awesome content and more, but what will be the use if the visitor or the general public does not see it? Page speed remains an integral part of web design. Your web pages should load in quick time, within a minimal time of three seconds.


Like a brick-and-mortar company, your website is the first point of contact between business and customers. So, your website should make a best impression on the visitor. You need to have social media profile buttons implanted at specific areas on the website. To make a good impact at the initial stage, you should ensure there are no blurry images, no breaking of sentences or words in the web pages (Home Page) etc. The font size, colour should be in tandem with the entire website, and icons have to be properly matched in colour.

These are the top eight features you need to have in your business website design. Did we miss a valuable point? Do you feel we can write more on the same article topic? Kindly comment in the Reviews section.

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