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Do you Know why Every Entrepreneur is Suddenly Talking About Pre-/Post-Purchase Stages in SEO?

There are many who believe that an SEO professional’s job is only about finding the right keywords and making postings for improving the rankings of a business website. To be precise, anyone can learn SEO, but there are only few who understand the real basics, concepts and principles. If you are a SEO guy who is working for an E-Commerce website, this job definitely requires you to work on many third party tools in order to analyze business data, traffic to the website and purchase lifecycle of a customer. In recent times, does the SEO job description also involve working on marketing strategies? Yes. It is only when the SEO & marketing team work together, can an online business gain valuable customer and generate business revenue. In this article, let us focus on designing the perfect pre-/post-purchase strategies in SEO for selling products/services.

As per experts, the best way is to break down the purchase lifecycle into two phases – the pre-purchase stage and post-purchase stages.

Case Study

Let us imagine, you are a SEO executive working for an E-Commerce website. The company is in the initial stages, and the products are yet to make a mark. So, even if you write the perfect lines, make the website optimized and the products reach the target audience, the sales have to happen. The consumer audience will want to know every information about the products on sale.

For example, just take a housewife interested in setting her new home and interested in buying kitchen items. So, if your E-commerce website sells those items, she will be interested in visualizing the household items that will add to the beauty of her kitchen, the floors, and the fridge. So, as an SEO expert, you need to look into her needs, and write personalized content to make the business website come up the rankings.

Pre-Purchase Stage

In this stage, the product description needs to have words which can provide the best solution to the housewife, build trust and help her make the purchase. The description will prove as a buying guide. With search engines such as Google providing answers in the form of snippets, you can prepare content that may be shown in the same space. This makes customers believe in your products. You can also optimize web pages with content to feature products highly preferred by customers in your company’s E-Commerce website. The other SEO marketing strategies in use, during the pre-purchase stage, are modification in meta descriptions, changing of words in titles and writing long-tail keywords as per the search volume. These strategies will definitely bring positive changes in the click-through rate, website traffic and more within a short period of time.

After Sale (Post-Purchase stages)

Now, let us come to the post-purchase stage. If a customer makes a purchase, it should not mean that the business got over. A successful company will think of numerous ways to get the same customer among its loyalists. So, as an SEO person, you need to work on the second part of the business aspect, that is post-purchase stages. You can write optimized content descriptions that can answer the doubts, queries of the customers who want to purchase/have purchased these products.

There are thousands of brands for an industry. You can make the customer buy the product, but he/she should feel proud of the purchase. So, your after-product content on the website should focus on this aspect.

Being an SEO expert, it is also important to keep a tab on customer reviews, reactions and responses. Check the words used by customers. Do they specify positive or negative reactions? You need to prepare a strategy which matches the company’s vision. If the strategy is properly executed, and the customer’s reviews are met with a favourable response by the marketing team, it will not take time for the company products to transform into a brand. But yes, the entire company has to work as a single team to ensure the success of product sales.

If you have received the customer information from the purchase form, then there are ways to keep him/her engaged about the latest discount offers, future products and more. But please note, you need to follow the best SEO practices around the globe to create a positive organic impact.


We hope you have gained enough information on the pre-purchase and post-purchase stages. Yes, there are many more concepts followed by many businesses around the globe, and we have covered only a small part of the entire strategy. So, the following sentences are just a few simple SEO strategies used by experts for making customers purchase their products from an E-commerce website.

Are you a first-time entrepreneur who has recently opened an online business website to sell products? Do you find your products can reach the target audience in large numbers with the help of SEO and digital marketing strategies? Are you interested in hiring an SEO specialist who can make your website come up the rankings via the organic way? Then please note, we are a prominent SEO company in Bangalore who have worked/are working for domestic/international clients of various businesses. Make your business become a successful money venture by opting for our high-quality valuable SEO services.

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