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What does the recent Google Update regarding Website Page Experience mean for the Online Business Industry?

For a blog to get maximum visitor traffic, and for an ECommerce business website to become popular, every webpage should match certain parameters. For example, it should have good loading speed, mobile responsiveness, or the ability to fit into the display of every device etc. As per the recent update, the user experience in a webpage will also become a major determining factor. So, let us get to know the details about the recent update – website page experience.

This new update or ranking algorithm, Google had announced in May 2020 and it deals with an individual’s experience in the web pages of a website. So, if a visitor to a website is getting a poor experience on the webpages, then the ranking may get a hit. The user experience will get measured by new metrics, given the name – Core Web Values. But the online business entrepreneurs and blog owners will get plenty of time to get prepared to make the modifications.

Website Page Experience

It is well-understood, that Google always prefers/has preferred the new update. To give good rankings to a website, the search giant focuses on mobile responsiveness, security factor (https), intrusive ads, page speed, content is relevant to the searches, the formatting has happened in proper fashion and more. The Core Web Vitals revolves around the same factors such as page speed update, Https factors, safe browsing penalties and more.

Let us investigate the factors which determine the Core Web Vitals –

A. Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)

Surprised at the title? Please note, the words specify loading performance. Imagine, you are searching for some valuable information on Google. You type the words and click the first website coming on the search results. If the pages take more than five seconds to load, you will be clicking the second link. Also, five seconds of your valuable time is wasted, which means the website owner did not take care to have a proper loading performance of the webpages. Time Rate of a website to load – it should be less than 2.5 seconds. Then, the visitor will get a good website page experience.

B. First Input Delay

The short form is FID. As the name specifies, it is used for measuring interactivity. As per Google standards, every web page needs to mandatorily have this aspect, in short, the FID should be lower than 100 milliseconds.

C. Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

Popularly known as CLS, the synonym is visual stability. The CLS of any webpage should be below 0.1 to offer a nice experience for the visitor. This new metric looks at the stability of a page. Just imagine, if the images, buttons as well as content are properly situated at the right corners of a page. The visitor will have a nice visual website page experience. If the layout is improper and the content is not properly structured, there are chances, the visitor will leave the website within seconds.

When these factors (LCP + FID + CLS) get combined, the webpages will give a nice user experience for any visitor. Yes, Google will take not only the website page experience score in consideration, but every other factor (SEO, reputed backlinks) will be considered in the final rankings.

D. Mobile Responsiveness

The website owner can take a free mobile-friendly test with websites such as https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly or https://www.rankwatch.com/tools/mobile-friendly-check.html

E. Safe Browsing Experience

An online visitor will never want to browse a website which contains malware or social engineering content. If a visitor visits a website and his/her security software shows malware content, they will close the website and switch to another website. Please note, web browsers also give precautionary notifications when opening a web page with safety issues.


Usually, every visitor feels safe with an HTTPS website. This certificate is best defined as safety version of HTTP, which secures not only the website but also the PC/laptop the visitor uses to access the webpage. Visitors never feel secure with a website devoid of HTTPS.

G. Advertisements on Web Pages

Every search giant, Google, Bing, or Yahoo wants to give the best experience to its users. They want the content which the user searches for, to be accessible to them without any obstacles. Google, has in 2016, penalized those websites which had intrusive advertising content by giving them low rankings.

Do the Blog Owners or Online Business Entrepreneurs Have to Worry?

Since times immemorial, Google has always given time to the blog owners or online business entrepreneurs to make modifications as per the new algorithms and updates. Likewise, even this update will get implemented in the next year (2021).
As per the recent record, although Google has announced its algorithm, the news is, there will be a six-month duration given for every blogger/website owner to make the modifications. So, there is no room for worries.
However, there is one factor which has always remained Supreme. The layout of the website, as well as great content. If these two factors are not proper in a website, then there are chances of getting a low ranking not only from Google but also from other search engines.


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