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Benefits of Using a Mood Board in Graphic Design in 2021

Since the ancient ages, man has always devised new tools and techniques to make use of minimum resources to complete complex tasks with ease. You can get many examples, right from stone tools to the wheel. In the present era, you can mention website design (Frame Box) to the scheduling of posts in social media platforms (via tools such as Buffer & Hootsuite). In Graphic Design, mood boards (the third version: the first one in 2009) has helped many professionals complete the creative projects on time. This article gives us valuable information on the benefits of using a mood board in graphic design.

Case Study:
Are you a successful business entrepreneur in Bangalore having a successful brick-and-mortar store in the vehicle business? Do you want to take it online? Yes? It means you need to have a business website and the first and most important identity you can create is a customized logo. However, other aspects are also important, right from the website design layout and the images on your business website. To ensure you get the best for your online business, you can seek the services of a reputed Graphic Design Company in Bangalore for the task. But if you have a specific image in mind, but unable to describe the colours and other aspects to a graphic designer, then it is best to make use of a mood board.

Are You Confused? No Worries
To save time, you can answer every question of the graphic designer, or else share some references or visuals to know you both are on the same page. But the best way is to ask the graphic designer to create a mood board (vision board) if the thought process of yours’ and the graphic designer does not match.

The below-mentioned paragraphs specify the importance of a mood board and the reason it is called a “GAME CHANGER” in graphic design.


Asking the Graphic Designer to Prepare the Mood Board
A Mood Board always makes the graphic designer’s job easy. You can ask him/her to create the mood board, as it can work wonders on saving time to design the perfect logo and other images. You can gather the best ideas/inspiration and then convey your thoughts to the graphic designer.
If you have doubts regarding the use of the mood board, then you can take suggestions from the graphic designer. You can mention your favourite colours, ideas or other business concepts that can inspire them to design the perfect mood board for your online/offline business. Yes, the job may take time, but it will give the best result. But the concepts must include about business competition, preferred colours used in your industry and more.

How to Help the Graphic Designer Create the Perfect Mood Board for your Online Business
You can help the graphic designer create mood boards with ease by two types. The first type is to manually compile items of photographs that reflect your concepts and can convey your ideas to the graphic designer. If that does not work out, the graphic designer can support you in creating mood boards on his/her own. If you get at least five mood boards for your company’s logo, then you can give yourself a pat in the back for having selected the best graphic designers in Bangalore and the globe for the job.

A. Colour
How will you best define a mood board? Visual Mediums, they are, and colours can set the tone for designing the perfect logo or brand. Every industry uses certain colours when preparing graphic designs or images for social media. The graphic designer can check, decide on the best colours for your online business, and then create a perfect mood board.

B. Shape
Unless you are a mathematician or a graphic designer, you will not be able to guess the importance of shapes of things. So, there are less chances you will have knowledge about the shape you want for your logo. However, the graphic designer can select the best shape for your online business from geometrical figures. Shape & colour – you can consider these two elements as the very basics of graphic design, but you need to include others (fonts, etc) to create an impressive brand logo.

C. Typography
Most logos will have some or the other text written within them. A mood board prepared by a graphic designer can help give the best representation of your ideas, thoughts that are needed for the company’s logo or other images (text included). You can take calculated risks with the mood board.
Please note, a graphic designer is respected only because of the portfolio of his/her previous works. With a mood board, you can not only get the best logo and image design for your company, but also help the graphic designer build his/her portfolio.

If you have never made use of a mood board, then this is the right time to work on this tool with help from a graphic designer. If you also want a new website for your business, you need to ensure to select the best website design company in Bangalore which has skilled web developers/graphic professionals in the globe. They must have worked on various types of digital projects. As per the recent trend for your need, mood boards are the best efficient and effective ways to design a logo, brand image for a company or social media images in quick time as per your need.
We hope you have gained enough information on the Benefits of using a Mood Board from this article.

The entire team of WebDigi wishes you a VERY HAPPY YEAR ahead and LOTS OF SUCCESS.

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