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Digital Marketing Trends that You Can’t Ignore in 2021

Previously, some concepts and trends were driving through innovation and technology like artificial intelligence, data analytics and voice search engine optimization. Nowadays, innovative digital marketing trends are the priority for most businesses in 2021.

And why can’t they be? Overall, if you have an objective of adapting to online strategies, then you should go with fast-evolving changes in digital marketing.

Read up to explore digital marketing trends for 2021 which takes your business to the top, in this fast-moving digital world.


Chatbots will remain an important part of digital marketing in 2021. This chatbot technology is based on Artificial intelligence that sends an instant message in real-time with the site visitors. Even some research and surveys have shown that chatbots have already empowered customer service. They are also equipped with 24X7 service, quick response to inquiries and answers to the simple questions.

Even some customers will prefer to interact with chatbots as they are available 24X7 by replying with answers, recalling your buying history and will not lose patience. These virtual assistants will offer you exceptional customer service by meeting the customer’s expectations and automating the tasks repeatedly. Numerous brands have already adapted to use chatbot features on their websites.

Video marketing

Video marketing is the trendiest marketing method these days. It shows the importance of integrating video into the digital marketing strategy in 2021. As most of the consumers say that video has improved their conversion to sales. Video is a popular way to show customers about a brand or a new product. Not only youtube, but there are also various ways to drive higher traffic with video marketing, as you can start with a video post or make a live broadcast on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

One of the significant problems that marketers have faced years back is the rapidly growing shift to mobile devices. But video can show the same information and data in a suitable format which works perfectly according to the device.

For example, if your website has a video to drive organic traffic and search results when compared to the text. As people find that the video content is more fascinating. So, Google will push the pages to the top of the search results that includes video.

Below are some video marketing trends which is obtaining more popularity and trending:

  • Live video: Live video is popular only with large businesses, where they use it for interviews, product launches and demos. Like how products are made, company events etc.
  • 1:1 video: The 1:1 video is where the businesses or marketers create their own personalized content rather than making phone calls or sending emails. Alongside, the cost of film equipment is decreasing in cost and high-quality smartphone cameras are increasing, this is simpler than usual.
  • Video SEO: Youtube and other videos are displayed on the search engine results page. Video optimization is more important for using text overlays and closed captions, which is in addition to the description, title, and file names.


We live in the year, where every product needs branding. As most of the consumers get connected to it, is only if they trust that brand. To earn that trust, you need to establish a solid brand identity.

The thought behind branding is because of Google’s ranking factor, which explains –

  • Expertise: The specific page should have good content which will be written by a specialist.
  • Authority: The website should contain some control on the subject.
  • Trustworthiness: The website needs authentic backlinks which will be from the trusted sites.

In the aspects of Google, they want to rank the good content which is user-friendly and deliver detailed information, modern and well-analysed content on a specific topic, which is perfectly created by a specialist.

Better Analytics

Latest marketing strategies can go well with analytics. When you are not investing in better analytics, then you may face hard to drive the results you want to see. The difficulty with the customer journey is more complex than before. We are living in a year where consumers will look out for several brands and touchpoints before making a move to purchase.

As there are various channels to run and market your products and services. The tracking is fast with analytics as many companies are focusing on the basics of google analytics for a business intelligence solution or analytics dashboard which is amplitude. Also, there are several business intelligence options available like both paid and free, like Google data studio and Metabase.

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