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Types of Internet Marketing Strategies for your business

Do you understand the different types of internet marketing strategies and how they can help your business thrive? In any discussion about promoting a business, internet marketing strategies are cited as the most effective and cost-friendly ways to promote a company and generate leads. Before you can put these strategies to work helping your business, you need to understand what each one involves and what they offer. In this article let us discuss the major types of internet marketing strategies.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Every type of online marketing, even SEO has changed many colors and principles when compared to the earlier days. SEO plays a major role in Internet Marketing Strategies. But one aspect is certain, every website is optimized to give the perfect experience to the user. Search Engine Optimization consists of mainly two factors – on page content (structure and making the content as per the demands of the user) and off-page factors (sharing in social media, getting backlinks and more). Please note, your online business website must completely adapt to the present requirements of the search engines such as Google, Bing, and others. You can contact the best SEO services in Bangalore.  

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

If SEO accounts for non-paid activities, SEM comes across as one involving paid search campaigns to generate instant visibility of a business product and services. Search engine marketing or SEM is the process of using paid search (Pay Per Click ads) to gain website traffic. In the past, SEM was used as an umbrella term that encompassed SEO and paid search.

 Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

At present, PPC marketing is known only to make online business products or services more visible to the target audience within a short time.

You can make a guess only from the name. Your business ads get published on social media platforms or other websites so that the target audience or even the public gets to know about your products/services. At present, Google AdWords is considered the best search platform for paid searches. Bing ads occupy second place.

Major social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter as well as Facebook have started making money based on the marketing packages and features. So, it has become easy for an online business to reach the target audience with ease. PPC comes under Internet Marketing Strategies for better advancement on website.

Content Marketing

Since times immemorial, content has always remained the KING. A perfect written call-to-action content with the proper images can work wonders for your business. Even with paid marketing campaigns, the words need to strike a chord with the target audience. The content posted on your website or on the social media platform should provide value to the customers. Unless the content is written in a special manner to keep the customers engaged, there will be fewer possibilities of creating a loyal audience and your audience transforming to a brand.

In recent times, content marketing does not only revolve around words. It consists of many types such as infographics, videos, blogs, and others.

Social media marketing

Hardly a decade ago, there was not even a single mention of this word. But now, social media marketing is used by all companies ranging from small to medium to large corporations. With Facebook and Twitter having profiles to the tune of billions, without spending a single rupee, it is possible to make your products/services more visible to the audience. Yes, there are also paid social media marketing campaigns and strategies to generate revenue for any online business. Through your social media profiles, you can connect with the target audience on a personal level. If you have a dedicated social media marketing team, then very soon, you can transform your online business into a brand.

Email marketing

This marketing started in the 1960s, and even in this era of digital marketing, it has retained its importance. Unlike the olden days, it is possible to target customers as per their needs, preferences, and demographics.

 Influencer marketing

It is a new type of marketing and has come to the fore because of image sharing social media platforms. If you have an Instagram or Twitter account with more than a million followers, then you can become an influencer where brands will pay to make your products/services more visible to the audience.

However, it is the responsibility of the influencer to team up with brands that can resonate with his/her image when it comes to making people buy products or opt for the services.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting or advertising other companies products or services. Affiliate marketing often consists of promoting a product through a blog or video or featuring ads on your website. You receive a payment for every sale made through your links. Affiliate marketing in one of the method used in the Internet Marketing Strategies.

Reputation marketing

Reputation marketing consists of using press releases, social media, and customer review platforms to develop a positive perception of a company. Online referrals and reviews have become increasingly important in certain industries such as the travel industry. Reputation marketing involves developing a distinctive brand, encouraging customers to post reviews, and responding quickly to resolve customer concerns or complaints on social media and review platforms.


These are the most common types of internet marketing for online businesses. Are you a part-time entrepreneur from Bangalore who wants to open an online business? Then, you can get the best eCommerce website designed in a quick time. But the next step is the most important. With hundreds of popular eCommerce websites competing to capture the attention of the target audience, your new entry will be a challenge. So, you need a professional social media marketing team to do the job for your online business. Kindly check the agencies which offer the best social media marketing services in Bangalore. You need to select the agency which is proficient in every type of marketing (organic/paid) on the social media platform frequented by your target audience. You can discuss with them your needs and they can offer the best social media marketing packages and you can select the types of internet marketing that can suit your budget. This specific method can ensure your new online business reaches the target audience in a quick time.

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