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How SEO & User Experience Can Be Used Together for Better Conversions

Search engine optimization and user experience were two separate things and weren’t connected until Google upgraded its algorithms to provide the best experience to searchers. Now SEO & User Experience are interconnected, and if the user experience of your site is not good, there is a very high chance that your site will not rank well on a search engine. So as the leading SEO company, we always make SEO strategies by giving great importance to the website’s user experience.

First, let’s understand what user experience is and its role in SEO services.

What is User Experience (UX)?

The best way to enhance user experience is to provide the users or audiences on your website and app with the best online experience. Excellent User Experience (UX) is responsible for winning the most crucial Search Engine Optimization factors such as lesser bounce rates, higher conversion rates, higher customer retention, overall can raise the revenue rates of the business as well as help a lot in improving the SEO rankings.

What Are the Benefits of SEO & User Experience Used Together?

Using both SEO & UX together can provide numerous benefits, some of the most expected ones are discussed below:

  •  Retention: Using both can increase the rate of retaining the viewers on the website. It will result in more time spent on the website, thus higher SEO results.
  • Repetition: Using both will increase the engagement on the website, and the more engaging and value-creating the website is, the more audience it will get.
  • More Sales: If you have a business website, combining both will help website owners get more sales and revenue.
  • Help the Visitors: We are going to take both perspectives. So as the visitor on the website, this can help the visitors find the information, products, or services they are looking for.

How To Use SEO and UX Together for Better Conversion Rates?

As a professional SEO company, we suggest keeping in mind one simple aspect and then using the SEO strategies on your SEO services to generate better results.

The aspect is: Search engine optimization (SEO) drives the traffic to your website, and User Experience (UX) helps to convert that traffic into conversion rates.

So poor UX means poor SEO rankings.

Tips for using SEO & User Experience together:

  •  Keyword Research: If you, as an SEO services provider, are using keywords that are irrelevant to the website and the content website has, then the user experience will be low. If the visitors on the website find out the unlatching keywords added just to get the ranking on Google, they will lose interest and thus bounce back.
  • Keyword Usage: The other most important tip to follow in order to increase the UX of the website is the correct usage of the keywords in the content. Proper usage includes the right keyword density, the right place to use the keywords, and the right way to use them. It is being noticed that the website content creators or website owners tend to fit a lot of keywords in the content. This is known as keyword stuffing and results in a low user experience.
  • Mobile Friendliness: Making your website mobile-friendly for better ranking is not a new concept. In today’s era, there are way more mobile users than desktop users. Some mobile users don’t even own a desktop since all their internet needs are being fulfilled with a mobile. So the best strategy to improve the user experience in the SEO services is to make the UX more mobile-friendly. 
  • Speed Of the Website: The world is now super-fast and super impatient. Thus, if your website’s speed is slow and takes time to load, then there is a surety that you are going to lose over 90% of the audience on the website. Hence improve your website speed to improve your rankings. SEO & User Experience should be more focused for higher speed of the website.
  • Website’s Navigation and Structure: The site’s structure is also essential for the search engine because it is your website’s roadmap. You must give proper attention to your site navigation and make it simple yet appealing. If the viewers have difficulty and complexity to explore on the website, then the user experience will lack, thus hampering the SEO ranking.
  • Content Optimization and Creation of Quality Content: Any search engine optimization strategy or any kind of UX design technique will fail if your website’s content can’t provide your targeted audience with what they are looking for. Thus creating quality and unique content needs to be the primary focus of any website user. Also, keep optimizing your older content according to the present needs and wants. Ensure your content is appealing, engaging, and value-creating.
  • Heading Usage: With the help of a relevant and catchy heading or title, both your viewers and crawlers will get a quick idea about what the content will be all about. Thus, it is essential to use the relevantly designed heading containing the main keywords and grabs the maximum at first sight.


As a website owner, if you want to be on the top of the searches and aim to get higher search engine rankings, then hiring an SEO & User Experienced expertise is the wise option to make. For more such insightful content, explore our website and for premium SEO services, contact us.

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