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Importance of Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is the need of the hour for every business in this age of digitalisation. SEO is the way to optimise your business website to rank higher on the search engine pages. Let’s look at this in fundamental terms. An average person only visits the top 5 or 10 websites on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). This means they are bound to miss the results on pages two and then. If a business is not among the first few results, it misses many prospective clients.

So SEO makes it possible for a business to stay on top of the results by generating more traffic on the website through organic searches. Everybody knows what SEO is but let us now look at its other advantages:

1.  Generates More Traffic

Search Engine Optimisation includes many processes that help in organic searches. First and foremost, they find what the other businesses in the same industry do through market research. Some specific keywords are common to that particular kind of business. Through these keywords, there are more organic searches that generate more traffic. More people will visit that website and learn about the company and its services.

More people looking at the website means more prospective customers, which is the primary objective of SEO. Hence SEO leads to more sales and, therefore, the company’s growth.

2.  Brand Credibility

Imagine that company A has not employed its website with Search Engine Optimisation. When somebody looks for service in that industry, their website is not in any top results. Hence compared to other companies which have employed Search Engine Optimisationwill garner more attention on Google or other search engines. This will also not give a good impression on the other businesses looking to partner with company A. This shows that business A has not employed even the most essential step for marketing their venture. This will sway other businesses away from this company.

Hence to form credibility and brand for a business, it is essential to optimize your website with search engine techniques that will give you an edge over other enterprises. Other companies tend to look out for ventures that are vocal about the services provided and have a social media presence, which is all possible through SEO.

3.  User-Friendly Website

Be it a content page or e-commerce, or any other kind of business, the website they create has to welcome new customers and not repel them away. If the user cannot figure out the website they enter, they will not engage in further interaction with the company. Search Engine Optimisation also includes making a business website as seamless as possible. The more interactive the website, the better. An optimised website can provide all the information needed and is also able to solve any queries that the user may have regarding the company.


This does not mean cluttering the whole website with too much information by making it interactive. A balance has to be maintained. A search engine optimised website will have all the necessary keywords to appear on the search results and generate traffic. These keywords will provide information in a concise manner which will help the user to navigate further.

4.  Cost-Effective

Traditional marketing techniques involved giant banners or newspaper advertisements and other such things. Digital marketing, on the other hand, requires no such thing and yet is more capable of bringing in more sales. Not only that, but they are also much more cost-efficient compared to other marketing techniques. Only a digital space is needed to do all the marketing.

Search engine optimization includes all this and more. Through SEO(Search Engine Optimisation), the keywords help create the website and all the other content based on the company. This keeps the company on the trend always. All this can be accomplished through a few computers. However, companies now specialise in SEO work and are then given the responsibility of making the business digital market-ready. This is much more seamless and budget-friendly because the work is given to one company that takes care of everything from start to end. Hence the ROI on marketing has decreased manifold over the past few years, whereas the growth has increased rapidly.

5.  Live Market Feedback

When a company is search engine optimised, there is live data that the company can view. This data is regarding how the market views their company and whether their optimisation strategies are working. This data then becomes an evaluating factor for the venture, deciding if they have to better their services or make any other changes.

There is also a closer interaction with their users as these live updates keep them on their toes, and they can make changes much faster than how it went in the traditional form of marketing. This also marks user satisfaction and makes them return to do business again.

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