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Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click

If you are looking to enquire or lower your budget per lead or improve your pay-per-click advertising campaign, our team of digital marketing experts in Bangalore will help you to achieve your business goals through Pay Per Click Advertising. We are specialized in generating and increasing the number of leads for your business with a PPC campaign.

We deliver growth & achieve results through PPC services & campaigns. At WebDigi, we are Google AdWords experts and offer an excellent service that allows us to deliver high-quality profitable results & scalable search engine marketing. In a noticeably short time, we take your advertisement to your target audience, for them to enquire or purchase your products. On average, our clients see an optimal increase in performance of the first 3 months which is then, we continue to build on, as our business grows together. 

When you decide to expand your business with us for PPC management you’re not just outsourcing digital marketing services in Bangalore to us, you are signing a business deal with us to operate as a vital part of your company, and we will become an expansion of your business. 

  • Analytics Integration 
  • Daily Reporting 
  • Daily Campaign Analysis
  • Full Conversion Tracking Installation  

Google Ads management

Google ad is the world’s number one advertising platform and it is a great online place for you to create new business. Also, it is the better accountable method to make your business grow as we’ll ensure that a single penny you spend is linked to clicks, sales & inquiries and you can see your company’s growth distinctly. The best part of PPC is, you’ll only pay when a new visitor clicks on your ad, it is the best investment you can make for your business. We are specialized in generating leads for our customers via Google Ads management. 

Facebook Ads Management

WebDigi offers you a profitable & data-driven Facebook Ads management. We are specialized in generating leads and increasing the number of customers for your business by advertising digitally. The Facebook ads platform is the most convenient method to grow your business and ensure that every single penny you spend is linked to clicks, sales & inquiries and you can see your company’s growth distinctly.

Why do we grow your business?

Bespoke Strategy

All our Google Ads & Facebook Ads Management strategies are bespoke as our process allows us to take out all the relevant information about your business. 

Conversion Tracking

We track every move that delivers results to your website. Even you can track in real-time, what the campaigns are achieving. 

Proactive Google Ads Management

We always track Google Ad words with the optimization and strategy of your campaigns. 

Daily Reporting

We provide you with a daily reporting dashboard, which will be updated daily, allowing you to check the performance of the campaigns and understand the growth of your campaign in real-time. 

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